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Thanks for choosing this website to find the most original and memorable anniversary sms one could possibly think of! Now I know that there are some people who do not even think that the day of anniversary should be considered any different from all the other days of the year. They usually try to support their position by noting that we should respect, love and care about each other all year long and not only on that one day. While we could not agree more with this, we still think that anniversaries are important. There are plenty of reasons why, but I think it is enough to mention one of them: most of us deal with numerous tasks and problems every day, leaving us little time to think about just how lucky we are to have that significant other in our lives. We just sort of start taking them for granted and it is exactly this kind of attitude that leads most couples to the endless conflicts or even separations.
So here is what we suggest: if you really appreciate the relationship and want it to last, never forget to congratulate your darling with anniversary and remind him/her that he/she is the greatest present you’ve ever received. Surprising him with an anniversary sms is only one out of many ways to do it!